We manufacture liquid or photopolymer plates of any thickness and any size all the way up to 52" x 80". Plates can be single plates or continuous full panel plates. If needed rugged molded or engraved rubber plates are available. Our production department has the experience to recommend the right type of plate to best fit the print job. Once your job has been run we will archive the art and the masters for future jobs or replacement dies.

We mount your plates to fit the press that will run the job. Our plates are mounted using Optical Mounting equipment to insure the correct registration. We will work with the printer to insure that the correct materials are used and the press specifications are followed. In most cases we have the press experience to insure the mounted job will run correctly when it reaches the press.

We also carry a large selection of die room supplies which include mounting materials, adhesives, lock-up fasteners, pull bands, and other miscellaneous supplies. Check out our Supplies page for more details and pricing. If you need something quoted, go to our Quotes page and fill out a request or use the Contact us page and email one of our staff.